Authentic and pure flavor in every sip of 100% natural and preservative-free soft drinks from our friends at On Lemon.



The classic and perfect lemonade, ( unquestionable), made with the best ripe fruit and the exact touch of lime.



Lemonade without preservatives, coloring or gluten. Made with the freshest and tastiest oranges.



The famous ground green tea combined with apple, lemon and lime. Lots of flavor, zero gas. Because carbon footprint matters, you know.



The most normal and extraordinary non-carbonated iced tea. Because carbon footprint matters.



Refreshing drink with 100% natural Kola nuts. Refreshment without preservatives or gluten. Made with the freshest and tastiest fruits and vegetables.


Black Currant

The craziest combination of black currant juice and black carrot juice. We recommend it right from the bottle, cold, like just out of the fridge…


Handmade, fermented made with superfoods, and loaded with enzymes, electrolytes, probiotics and live bacteria that enhance your well-being. Courtesy of the artists at Vigo-Kombucha.


Acerola y Ginger

The perfected blend of acerola puree (high in vitamin C) from the Amazon rainforest of northern Brazil and ginger from India’s Guajarhat province.


Cucumber y Coriander 

Combines the lightness of Italian cucumber from Tuscany with the strong aroma of coriander from French Provence.


Brothers from La Cibeles, you call it the Goddess of beers. Maybe it’s because it is 100% authentic, or 100% natural, or 100% social, we can’t really say. The fact is that at Earth Mama, it fits us.



Light, refreshing, with a certain aroma of floral hops and citrus.


Gluten Free Rubia

Tastes exactly like Blonde but with less than 10mg/kg of gluten and less than 5mg/kg of prolamins, i.e. suitable for gluten intolerants.


Alcohol Free

The same, but without alcohol.


That’s the name of the new trendy way to drink water. Water in Brick. From the Goddess of Water, to the world. 

Y ya sabes, estás en tu casa, sírvete tu mismo de la nevera 😉